Cave man life

It's been a while since I've written a post. Things have gotten intense and I will definitely be uploading more posts, so do stay tuned.

Cave man life.

Reading: 1 Samuel 22-24 

My Thoughts

King David, before he becomes king is hiding in caves running away from the current king who God rejected because he was following his own ways instead of God's way. David was already pronounced King by Prophet Samuel, but there was a huge process before it coming to pass officially in the natural realm of life.

During this entire time of knowing what God had told David. It is amazing how David did not take matters into his own hands. He had opportunity upon opportunity, but David refused to do anything King Saul because Saul was someone whom God had chosen. David knew that he was called to be king after Saul. He had a following of many and the people loved him. Even though all of this was clear, David chose to be reverent towards God's chosen.

During those times, David wrote some Psalms to God (Psalms 57, Psalms 142). And that's where I was hit pretty hard. David went to God and poured out his heart. He did nothing to Saul. He even went as far as to prove it to Saul many times that he had no intentions on taking his life. As time went on, it finally came to pass that David was officially king. The beauty about this was how people saw his reverence and love David as king even more. 

I feel like I am in this cave season. Not seeing anything that God has for me come to pass. People around me are in and out. Words about me are not in the best of light. Stress, worry, all these things. Prayers feel like they hit the roof and that's it....when will my time to be "king" come? What happened to all the promises you've spoken to me? Why is it that I feel like such a failure?

Thanks do these readings, I am encouraged to do the same. God is faithful. He never lies. I will rise up, not because of anything that I have done, but simply because of His glory. I choose to follow Him. God help me to live the good life that You have for me. I am not asking for a life free from pain and suffering, though that would be great lol, but I am asking for the heart that fully trusts in You so that I may lead others to do the same.

God bless you all

Be encouraged