The Original G

The Original G's Statement

The final moment has finally arrived. I've finished the book of Job and it has left me in even more awe than the first. You've got to read how God responds to Job for yourself. (CLICK HERE or The Original G's Statement above)

In everything that Job said, God responds and pretty much says nothing about it really...all God did was question Job. Pretty much, God was reminding Job who He is and as a result, Job saw himself for who he truly is. 

God is the original G. No one can question God and get away with it really. I mean, what can we possibly say to God about His way of doing things? He may just answer in the same way as He did to Job and say something like, "Um, where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?" God doesn't need counsel for anything. God IS the counsel. When it all hit Job, he was literally left speechless. So God continues in His description of all that goes on the we know nothing about. 

But honestly how awesomely frightening to have this kind of conversation with God. Could you imagine being sick, can't even mover, you're complaining about why you're this way, there's no help, no cure, and your friends have nothing to say except you're at fault, and not to mention, your spouse tells you to curse God and die....I mean seriously, you're at the lowest of lows and so you have to learn to live with the pain since things are not changing. And in that crazy situation, God personally shows up and questions you like a judge does to a plaintiff. Yet,God then ends everything by healing Job and telling Job to pray for three of the friends that were there.

Side note...the 4th friend. This caught me off guard because God rebukes 3 of Job's friends, but God says nothing about the 4th one. This 4th friend is was the youngest of them all so he held his tongue until he couldn't handle hearing what they were saying anymore. (CLICK HERE for his response). The fact that God said nothing about him must mean that he was the only one who spoke rightly of God and the situation. This makes me want to look more into his response.

In all this, I conclude by saying the obvious. God is God and His ways are beyond anything we can imagine. The beautiful thing about this is that God restores all that Job lost and gave even more than he had previously. This makes me want to keep my faith up. Just letting go and letting God. He sees and knows all. Nothing is too hard for Him. I don't want to question or doubt His ways but trust Him in everything. 

Thank you LORD...