Losing it All but Still Going

I know that it's been a while since I've written my thoughts on what I've been reading in the Bible. I have started reading the book of Job. It's a story of a man who is literally losing everything and now his health is at its worst. But all of these problems started because God decided to take away Job's hedge of protection because Satan challenged God by saying that the only reason why Job loves God is because of all the good things that God has blessed Job with. So Satan was pretty much challenging God that if things stopped going well, Job would curse God. Job 1

A controversial story

The biggest controversy that I've ever come across by far. The fact that Satan comes and walks into the presence of God is one. Well I mean here just shows God being an absolute boss because Satan cannot win against the all powerful God. But at the same time, this shows Satan's weapon, his mouth. One thing about Satan is that he is an accuser and definitely the father of lies. God is everything true. In this we know that God knows that no matter what comes out of Satan's mouth equals LIE. So why even give this liar a time of day?

God hears Satan and even asks him where has he been in which Satan responds saying that he's been here and there just walking around. And here it is God is the one that asked Satan if he noticed Job. God acknowledges that Job is a righteous man. But, like mentioned earlier, Satan says that Job is only good and stuff because God is protecting him. God took the challenge and now job is pretty much fighting for his life.  But is it really a fight?

This story, whether literal or poetically figurative makes me think a lot about some of the things that goes on in my life. To clarify; some things happen because of something I know I've done wrong, but then there are other times when I know that, to the best of my ability, have done nothing wrong, but things still turn out to be crazy and I am left in a state almost similar Job, especially regarding some friends.

Job, in condition, hardly able to move, is hit by a series of accusations from his friends. Instead of giving comfort, Job's friends saw it fit to try and figure out why this has happened to Job. In most cases, the cause of Job's condition, from what they say, is because of sin and the he should repent. But of course none of them know of the conversation between Satan and God.

It makes me wonder and consider the words of my lips. It makes me think about the thoughts that I think too. Maybe I've been speaking and thinking in the wrong manner all this time! What if God is in control of everything. Just WHAT IF whether it's true or not, I don't really care and here's why. Who am I that I should complain? If God is God, the creator of every single thing that exists, whether, big or small, visible or invisible, who am I to challenge Him? What could I possibly say to Him that'll make Him say, "Oh, I'm sorry, let me change that for you" seriously?

I haven't finished all of Job yet, but this is not my first time reading it though, but really, it makes me think. I have decided to follow Him because of that very fact. He is God. He can be a very terrifying one too, if He wanted to be such, and there's nothing I can do about it because He could easily cause my heart to stop beating and that's it. I don't want to disrespect Him in any way.

This post is an acknowledgment of the greatness of God. I saw this in the story of Joseph too. Though there was all this craziness that happened in His life, everything happened exactly as God said it would. And so I am believing the same for myself.

No matter how crazy life gets, I will rise and be where God wants me to be. I may lose it all, but I will never stop. I will keep going.

Job 1-26